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Марки авто

  • Ford

  • Renault

  • Hyundai

  • Kia

  • Volkswagen

  • Toyota

  • Mercedes

  • Tesla

  • BMW

  • Honda

  • Chevrolet

  • Mazda
    Mazda unique combination of Japanese tradition with modern technology The history of the Japanese company Mazda dates back to 1920, when a group of investors led by Jujiro Matsuda acquired a bankrupt enterprise and began to manufacture cork products. However, after 10 years, Mazda, having changed the direction of its activities, produces the first three-wheeled trucks, which quickly became popular among the population. Moreover, these cars were distinguished by high endurance, were comfortable and roomy enough. They begin to acquire prizes in various races, so the company’s authority from that time begins to grow rapidly. By 1963, Mazda produced 1,000,000 cars, which is undoubtedly an indisputable indicator of progress and prospects. At the moment, Mazda Motor Corporation is a world-famous company that has forever inscribed its name in the history of the automotive industry and continues to amaze with new car models. Mazda rental in Kyiv from 1 day Mazda cars are characterized by high aerodynamic qualities, ultra-modern filling and expressive aggressive design. Mazda vehicles are the perfect combination of sports car dynamics and off-road capability. Everyone can feel all the advantages of these cars – Mazda rental in Kyiv is available at any time of the day. Having chosen the desired model on the site, you just need to fill out an application for booking, and in the near future you can personally experience all the benefits of using this brand of car. You can rent a Mazda for both personal needs and work tasks. Cars are presented in the CAR RENT fleet, they have excellent characteristics and modern content. Cars are delivered with a full tank of fuel to the address specified by the client. In addition, the company provides significant discounts to those who wish to rent Mazda for a long time, although rental is possible from 1 day. Mazda – a car for every need A diverse range of Mazda allows you to rent a car for any need. It is also convenient to use car rental services for those who want to buy a Mazda in the future, and before that they want to arrange a test drive for the selected models. CAR RENT offers its customers the best prices and transparent rental conditions. More often Mazda is rented in order to: travel around the city on family matters; to take away/pick up relatives, friends to the station, to the airport. make business trips, including business trips; go on vacation, travel around Ukraine. Mazda rental is convenient and profitable, because car rental allows you to enjoy the use of the best cars without the cost of maintaining them.

  • Mitsubishi

  • Audi

  • Jeep
    Legendary Jeep cars are always available for rent in Kyiv The Jeep brand does not need any additional introduction, because cars of this brand have been popular among the population of many countries of the world for more than a decade. The first “jeeps” began to be produced during the Second World War as part of the state order for military needs. Strong, reliable all-wheel drive SUVs perfectly coped with the tasks assigned to them and were a tangible contribution to the military supply of the Allied troops. The first “civilian” Jeep, which also became the first American post-war car, was released in 1945, and immediately gained recognition among Americans. In 1950, the Jeep brand was officially registered, although “jeeps” have been mass-produced since 1940. Now this brand is one of the most popular in the world, as evidenced by the set world records, including the number of cars sold per year. Jeep rental in Kyiv It is not surprising that many CAR RENT customers want to rent a Jeep, because these cars are characterized by reliability, maneuverability and safety. Jeep cars are different: recognizable special body design; comfortable spacious interior; modern control system; reliable system of active and passive safety. Not everyone can afford to own such a car, because it needs significant maintenance costs, but absolutely everyone can afford to rent a Jeep in Kyiv! In addition, it is quite convenient, because renting allows you to use the latest car models and change them, depending on your needs. Jeep rental is available both for one day and for a long time. All cars from the CAR RENT fleet undergo regular technical inspection, have an impeccable appearance, and are served to the client only after a comprehensive cleaning of the interior. How to rent a Jeep After choosing the appropriate brand of car on the site, you must leave a request for booking. At the phone number specified by the client, the manager of the company contacts him to clarify the details and discuss the terms of the lease. Usually, to draw up a contract, you must provide a standard package of documents and make a deposit, the amount of which is negotiated with the manager. All cars have CASCO insurance, which will reimburse the costs of all insured events. You can order a Jeep rental either for the near future or for a specific date.

  • Maserati
    Maserati is an Italian classic in an ultra-modern performance Maserati is a brand of car that is associated exclusively with chic and drive. The Italian company Maserati has been producing cars for more than 100 years that impress with their elegance, amaze with their character and inspire innovation. The company was founded by 6 Maserati brothers, who at one time contributed to the development of a common cause. Since its founding in 1914, for more than 100 years the company has been owned by different people and even automobile concerns such as Citroen, FIAT or Ferrari, but one thing remains unchanged – Maserati have always been cars that are talked about and admired. Comfortable sports cars with a recognizable trident leave no one indifferent even now. A sporty silhouette, an elegant interior and an innovative control system are the main characteristics of Maserati cars, regardless of the model range. Renting a Maserati in Kyiv is a luxury available to everyone Not everyone can afford to buy a Maserati, but absolutely everyone can afford to rent this car. Car rent has an impressive Maserati Ghibli, a white sports car that harmoniously combines modern design with classic sophistication. Maserati rental is available for a period of 1 day, which allows you to use the car for the purpose of solving short-term tasks, such as a photo shoot or a honeymoon trip on the wedding day. The company also provides excellent discounts for long-term car rental, which makes Maserati rental even more accessible to the general public. What you need to rent a Maserati The process of renting a Maserati does not take long. First you need to book a car by filling out the application form on the site or by calling the contact phone number. After that, the application is promptly processed by the company’s manager, who will contact the client to clarify the details. Next, you should provide documents confirming the identity of the client and the presence of a driver’s license. Usually the client pays a deposit, the amount of which is discussed with the manager, or other conditions for renting a car are considered. The last step is the receipt of the car by the client at the address indicated by him. If the client decides to extend the lease of Maserati after the previously agreed period, then the company manager should be notified about this. All cars in the Car rent fleet are insured, they are served exclusively in good and clean condition and with a full tank! Renting a Maserati in Kyiv is quite simple, and using a car of this brand will undoubtedly give joy and unforgettable impressions to every driver!

  • Fiat
    Fiat is a car brand that has not lost its popularity for more than a century Founded back in 1899 in Italy, FIAT soon became one of the leaders in the automaker market. During its existence, FIAT has been producing cars of various classes and purposes, from inexpensive cars for the masses to aircraft and even tanks for the army. The company was repeatedly reorganized, merged with other car manufacturers, divided into subsidiaries. Currently, FIAT is the largest automaker in Italy, supplying the market with cars, trucks, sports cars, various industrial and agricultural equipment. Fiat cars – rent in Kyiv Fiat cars, which have repeatedly received the prestigious Car of the Year award, are distinguished by their special recognizable design and modern content. These vehicles are ideal for everyday use. They are comfortable, roomy, easy to use, suitable for both family trips and business tasks. Fiat rental in Kyiv is available at any time of the day on the website. To rent a Fiat, you need to book a car on the website, clarify the details of the lease and the conclusion of the contract with the company manager and indicate the address where the car will need to be delivered. This process will not take much time, so soon you will be able to dispose of the rented car at your discretion. All cars from the CAR RENT fleet are served with a full tank, in a clean condition, having passed a full technical inspection. The cars are also insured with CASCO. Why choose Fiat Fiat has more than a century of history. All Fiat cars meet modern safety standards and provide comfort for both the driver and passengers. The advantages of Fiat cars include: stylish body design; comfortable ergonomic interior, time-tested reliability; innovative technical content; low cost of rent. You can rent a Fiat from 1 day. Fiat long-term rental provides favorable rental conditions and convenient discount systems. CAR RENT constantly updates its fleet with new car models, so each client always has the opportunity to choose a car that meets his taste and needs. In addition, although Fiat rental is carried out in Kyiv, the car can also be delivered to other settlements of Ukraine!


  • Fiat Qubo 2021

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    1-3 days

    23 23 USD

    4-10 days

    20 20 USD

    11-25 days

    18 18 USD

    26+ days

    15 15 USD


    1.3 l 85 l.s.






    2021 year


    4.5 l per 100 km

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