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Car rental for business

Car rental for business

Car rental for business is a very popular service that is becoming more and more popular every year.

If you are a representative of a company and you are looking for a vehicle for your corporate needs (for sales representatives or for personnel transportation, or for any other purposes), then a rational decision would be to rent a car, and not buy it.

Thus, your company will save its working capital, not spending it on the purchase of cars, and you and your colleagues will be able to use a reliable service with serviceable and insured cars.

Advantages of renting cars for legal entities

  • Greater variability. Transportation of employees, corporate events, cars for the manager or meetings of partners, courier delivery and cargo transportation – you can simply order the necessary cars for specific purposes.
  • Comprehensive service. The company takes care of all technical issues: it conducts technical inspections, pays insurance, monitors the condition and cleanliness of cars. An unexpected breakdown will not disrupt your plans – the company will immediately provide a replacement car.
  • Simplification of taxation. An official contract is concluded with the company, all necessary reports and documents are provided. Payment is possible with or without VAT.
  • Significant savings. All the advantages of using modern cars, increasing the functionality and prestige of the company without the costs of maintaining the car fleet.

The best rental conditions at Car Rent

Car Rent offers clients from among legal entities and private limited companies:

  • Modern cars not older than 3 years;
  • All cars are fully insured by CASCO;
  • We pay maintenance;
  • Support 24/7;
  • Possibility of installing additional equipment;
  • Prompt car replacement;
  • Full management and consultation in the event of a breakdown or road accident;
  • Quality and reliable service.

Car Rent is trusted by large distribution companies, HoReCa businesses, hotel-restaurant and resort complexes.

We are ready to become reliable partners for you and your company!