Rental conditions

Car rental for volunteer organizations

Car rental for volunteer organizations

CarRent is a socially oriented company and always actively participates in projects important to the country.

Recently, the relevance of the service “Rent a car for humanitarian and volunteer organizations”, including the UN, has significantly increased. And this is quite understandable, because car rental allows to solve many needs of those organizations that do not have their own car fleet.

Any organization can rent a car at CarRent, regardless of the form of ownership.

Our company offers special rental conditions to charitable and volunteer organizations that order car rental to perform socially important functions!

Rent a car in Kyiv for the transportation of humanitarian aid

One of today’s urgent tasks is to provide basic necessities to people affected by the war to one degree or another.

Volunteers and specialists of various public organizations order car rental at CarRent for the following purposes:

  • transportation of small-sized humanitarian cargo from distribution centers to destinations;
  • delivery of humanitarian aid to recipient addresses;
  • business and organizational trips of managers and specialists;
  • transfer of people belonging to the socially vulnerable strata of the population to designated places.

In fact, the number of problems that can be solved by renting a car is much greater and depends on the direction of the organization’s activities and its mission.

It is expedient for volunteer and charitable organizations to use rental services when the need for a car arises systematically to perform specific tasks that require the use of different classes of cars.

Long-term car rental

Long-term car rental for organizations and companies is relevant when there is a constant need to use a car, and there is no opportunity to keep a car on your balance sheet.

In such cases, CarRent offers even more favorable rental conditions, taking into account the long term of use and the social importance of the organization’s activities.

To clarify all the details of car rental by volunteer, charitable and humanitarian organizations, you can call the phone number indicated on the site!