Rental conditions

Car rental on tender terms

Car rental on tender terms

CarRent is a company that is rapidly developing and scaling, successfully adapting to new conditions and offering customers quality services and a competitive price.

Renting a car on tender terms is one of the activities aimed at cooperation with public sector organizations.

In fact, car rental in Kyiv is an actual and popular request of state tenders, and CarRent periodically participates in tenders, including for long-term car rentals.

Car rental and tender – what you need to know

Our company is interested in creating a competitive environment in the field of public procurement of car rental services.

The choice of customers stops at CarRent, because we:

  • provide all the documents required to participate in the tender;
  • we comply with all terms and procedures for participation in tender purchases;
  • we accept payment in a form convenient for the customer;
  • we have a wide choice of cars of different classes and purposes;
  • we provide high-quality services, monitor the technical serviceability and impeccable appearance of all cars in our fleet.

Participation in tender purchases is for our company a kind of test for compliance with strict legal requirements and the ability to stand out in this area.

Successfully fulfilled obligations to customer organizations are the best indicator of the level of our work!

Rental of passenger vehicles without a driver

The rental of passenger vehicles without a driver is relevant for many organizations that do not have their own cars on their balance sheet or if their quantity / quality does not meet the needs.

In this case, holding a tender and renting a car is a fairly rational solution that allows you to perform your tasks more efficiently.

Long-term car rental in Kyiv is a great opportunity to easily close the need for transport without large financial costs.