Rental conditions

Long-term car rental from Car Rent: afford your dream transport

Car rental for a month: for those, for whom driving – is a way of life

If you want to rent a car for a long time, this offer is for you:

  1. When renting for 26+ days, we provide a child seat for free. Passenger comfort and safety is what really matters. When you make a rental, you can choose which chair you need. 
  2. Possibility to change the car in the same class absolutely without surcharges. Want to test drive multiple vehicles? Come and we will change the car.
  3. Additional personal discount from 10% for rentals of 2 or more months. We support our customers’ desire for long-term rentals and constantly delight them with pleasant discounts.

Any offer is available right now – with fast paperwork, 24/7 manager support and full car maintenance for the entire rental period.

We offer cars of different classes with a long-term rental rate from 500.

Most popular offers:

Economy class

Middle class

Business Class

Premium class


To issue a long-term lease means to afford any car and feel its possibilities. Get ready for an adventure and choose a car on our website!