Rental conditions
Rental conditions
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  • Rent a car for a wedding

    Rent a car for a wedding

    Car-Rent provides car rental for various purposes and events, including here you can order a car for a wedding for organizing motorcades, transporting guests and newlyweds. A large fleet of vehicles allows you to choose a car model, taking into account all personal wishes and preferences, the allocated budget.

    What does the wedding car rental service include?

    When you make a lease, you get a vehicle of the selected class and modifications in perfect technical condition with round-the-clock service. The “age” of the cars presented in the fleet is no more than 3 years. The wedding car has a well-groomed appearance, a clean, fragrant interior. The car is insured, with a fully filled tank (charged battery). At the request of the client, we independently decorate the car with festive accessories: ribbons, balls, flowers, etc. In a difficult situation, you can use the round-the-clock support of a personal manager. In addition, in addition, we provide for rent a child seat, a navigator, a personal driver service.

    What are the conditions and procedure for the rental

    The main important conditions that must be considered when applying for a service:

    • The tenant must be at least 21 years old and have a driving experience of at least 2 years. You must provide a passport, driver’s license, code.
    • Renting a car for a wedding is possible for a day, a week, a month.
    • Possibility of renting with or without a deposit. The amount of the security deposit starts from $400 and depends on the vehicle class. Some models can be rented without a deposit, but keep in mind that the rental price in this case is higher.
    • Mileage limit – up to 300 km / day (only in the country).
    • Payment for services in cash or by bank transfer.

    Thus, Car-Rent offers customers short-term and long-term car rental for a wedding, depending on the situation. The minimum rental period is 1 day. You can order a car at any convenient time: a few hours, days, weeks before the specified celebration.

    How to get and how to give a car

    To rent a car for a wedding, leave a request on the website. The manager will promptly contact you to agree on all the details of the order. Then it remains to come to the office, provide documents, a deposit (if required), sign an agreement indicating all the important nuances. You can get a car in Kyiv or another city, but in the second case, you must pay extra for the delivery of transport. Car pick-up in Kyiv is carried out from 10:00 to 19:00 (for a small fee, you can take / give a car at any other time of the day).

    The car is returned in the same washed, refueled form, and washing and refueling is possible on the spot. If it is not possible to return the car on time, it is necessary to warn the manager about a slight delay or any changed plans.

    Our fleet and company advantages

    Our company offers to choose a wedding car of different price categories: economy, medium, business or premium (executive) class. Regardless of the rental price, each car from Car-Rent provides an optimal level of comfort, excellent safety, handling, and fuel consumption.

    Advantages of our service:

    • Registration of rental in the shortest possible time – no more than 30 minutes.
    • Guarantees for the safe operation of a rented car of any category. The company’s specialists daily check all the working units of the machines, carry out scheduled maintenance and replace worn parts in a timely manner.
    • Promotions, special offers. Early booking discounts range from 5 to 22%, free rental days, etc.
    • Getting a car with all the necessary options, accessories.
    • Rental with a minimum driving experience.
    • Flexible rental rates depending on the duration of the car operation.

    A car for a wedding should be as presentable, reliable and fully serviceable as possible so that only the best memories remain of the solemn day. We are responsible for the quality of car rental services, we guarantee high-quality service.