Rental conditions
Rental conditions
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  • Full auto insurance against damage

    Full auto insurance against damage

    When renting with “Full insurance”, you make a minimum deposit, which is used to cover fines under the Agreement and for traffic violations (auto-fixation, parking, etc.):
    • economy class – $50;
    • middle class and above – $100.

    We take all the risks. You just have to enjoy the road and not worry about any damage.


    • You don’t have to leave a big deposit.
    • No fines for car damage.
    • No fines in case of an accident
    • Washing is included in the price.

    How does the “Full Insurance” service work?

    Everything is simple.
    In case of an accident or even minor damage to the car, you need to, without leaving the scene of the accident:
    1) Call us on the hotline or immediately directly to your personal manager.
    2) Call the police, report an accident, the patrol will come and register the protocol.
    3) Call the insurance company. Contacts of the UK and the contract number will be provided to you by a personal car rental manager.

    All expenses are covered by the insurance company.

    IMPORTANT! If you do not report the accident and do not record the insured event, the insurance company will not be able to issue a payment and all the costs of restoring the car will be borne by you.

    The list of insured events does not include:
    – Refueling with fuel that does not comply with the regulations for the technical operation of the vehicle.

    • Driving under the influence of alcohol, toxic or drugs.
    • Damage to the interior, tires, glass, disks.