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Rental conditions
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  • Car rental without deposit

    Car rental without deposit

    The modern world is virtually unimaginable without cars. We need them for work trips, vacation trips, meetings with friends and any other purposes. Unfortunately, not all of us can boast of having our own vehicle. That is why car rental without collateral has become a very popular service in our country. Having received a car from Car-Rent, you can use it at your own discretion (except for taxi purposes). In the rental company’s park there are new, well-prepared cars of various classes. Thanks to this, each client will be able to find the most suitable transport option for a particular case.

    Daily car rental without collateral – features of the service

    The practice of car rental provides that the tenant, before concluding an agreement between the parties, must provide a certain deposit, expressed in monetary terms. Its value varies depending on the specific make and model of the car. However, the Car-Rent organization offers to rent a car for temporary use without the need to make any deposit. This is a great option for those who want to get a vehicle as quickly as possible and do not have a predetermined amount on hand to pay a deposit.

    The need for a car rental

    Today car rental without deposit is at the peak of popularity. This service is in demand among people of various ages and professions. Vehicle rental may be required for:

    • organization of sightseeing and business trips,
    • free movement around the city for personal purposes,
    • transfer of business partners to the airport, railway station,
    • transportation of small cargoes,
    • meeting dear guests,
    • holding various festive events (weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries, etc.),
    • going on vacation out of town with family or a group of close friends,
    • testing a specific car model before a possible purchase.

    Transport rental conditions

    Short-term, as well as long-term car rental for a day is available to virtually all adult citizens of the country. To get a vehicle, you need to leave a corresponding application on the Car-Rent website. After that, the managers of the organization will contact you and agree on all the terms of the lease.

    We highlight the key conditions for cooperation:

    • age from 21 years old,
    • driving experience exceeding 2 years.

    To draw up a contract, you only need to provide a driver’s license of the appropriate category and a passport. Sometimes for verification it will be necessary to attach additional papers.

    How to receive and return the transport?

    After registration of the application, the selected vehicle can be delivered to any region of the country. Employees of the company will be able to bring the car directly to your home or to the airport. The final cost of delivery should be checked with managers. It is possible to rent a car without a driver for any period. Returning a car is as easy as receiving it. The client indicates the location of the car, then Car-Rent employees will pick it up themselves.

    Available cars

    The Car-Rent fleet includes cars of various types, classes and manufacturers. You can get cars of the following classes for temporary use:

    • economy The most affordable models, which are characterized by small overall dimensions and low fuel consumption,
    • average. Ideal for daily use in urban environments,
    • business. Such cars are suitable for meetings of business partners. They are created for those who are not accustomed to being content with mediocrity. Business class cars will help to make a good impression on other people,
    • SUVs. They are characterized by increased cross-country ability, high ground clearance, a roomy interior and the ability to connect all-wheel drive. On such cars, you can even overcome roads that are on rough terrain.

    Long-term car rental from Car-Rent is a service that can satisfy the needs of any, even the most demanding person.

    Rent WITHOUT A DEPOSIT is a “Full insurance” service

    When renting with “Full insurance”, you make a minimum deposit, which is used to cover fines under the Agreement and for traffic violations (auto-fixation, parking, etc.):

    • economy class – $50;
    • middle class and above – $100.

    We take all the risks. You just have to enjoy the road and not worry about any damage.


    • You don’t have to leave a big deposit.
    • No fines for car damage.
    • Washing is included in the price.

    How does the “Full Insurance” service work?

    In case of an accident or even minor damage to the car, you need to, without leaving the scene of the accident:

    1) Call us on the hotline or immediately directly to your personal manager.
    2) Call the police, report an accident, the patrol will come and register the protocol.
    3) Call the insurance company. Contacts of the UK and the contract number will be provided to you by a personal car rental manager.

    All expenses are covered by the insurance company.

    IMPORTANT! If you do not report the accident and do not record the insured event, the insurance company will not be able to issue a payment and all the costs of restoring the car will be borne by you.